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Please note that all info is subject to change.
Late Breaking Info

Guts Demo Saturday Afternoon

For the 2nd year in a row, the USADGC would like to welcome back the GUTS team. This presents a unique opportunity for the USADGC participants, as the 2016 USADGC falls just short on the calendar before the guys leave for the GUTS World Championship in London in July. It is a great promotional opportunity for their Team and they look forward with working with the players from the USADGC. Saturday, 2pm.

Join Us Friday Night

We are happy to announce that in conjunction with Witches Hat Brewing Company we will be hosting our first ever Player Social Event on Friday at the Witches Hat facility which is conveniently located 10-15 minutes from the Kensington Metro Park starting at 5:30pm. All players are invited to come and socialize following their first round of play on Friday night. If the weather cooperates, we will have a putting game to crown the 2016 USADGC Putting Champion.

This is a food friendly establishment meaning you can bring in food or have food delivered there. They also have a selection of soft drinks for those players that are not over the age of 21. We hope to see you there at this unique opportunity to meet with players from all across the country...

$1 off everyone's 1st pint!

Witch's Hat Brewing Company
601 S. Lafayette
South Lyon MI 48178
(248) 486-2595

Last Chance Qualifier

  • WHAT: 2016 United States Amateur Disc Golf Championships Last Chance Qualifier
  • WHERE: The Toboggan Course, Kensington Metropark, Milford, Michigan
  • WHEN: Thursday, June 2, 2016
  • TIME: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
  • ENTRY FEE: $10
The 2016 United States Amateur Disc Golf Championships (USADGC) will be running a last chance qualifier (LCQ) on Thursday June 2nd starting at 9:00 am EST with the last card going out no later than 1:00pm EST. The cost is $10 per round, three people per card minimum with a max of 4. If you don’t have enough people on your card we will help place you.

In order to qualify for an opportunity to play in this years’ event you will need to shoot a 68 or lower. Based on last year’s event a 68 was rated 902, we want to keep a qualifying round on par with the lowest rating based entry for the event.

You also need to know that this is a PDGA AMATEUR MAJOR event. This means you HAVE to be registered with the PDGA as an Amateur. You also will need to take and pass your official's exam before you play in the LCQ. At the time this was written there are 119 attending USADGC competitors. The event will max out at 144 players. This means there are only 25 spots remaining unless people who have already qualified register from now, May 24, 2016 @ 7:00 pm, until Online registration closes May 31, 2016 at 12:00am ET.

There will be a leader board at Tournament Central showing the top scores throughout the day.

Once the last card is in, the players who have qualified will be required to pay their entry fee for the 2016 USADGC as well as pick up their players package including getting their picture taken for the traditional Buzzz picture disc. Once that is taken care of the now registered players can head over to Holden's for the annual dinner and players meeting.

Are there any divisions? For example Masters?
There is only one division: Amateur. No age or gender protected divisions are offered. You have to play in the MA1 PDGA division in a qualifier or have a high enough amateur Player Rating to be eligible to qualify. That means if you are a woman of "master's" age, you still have to play in the MA1 division of a qualifier or have a high enough player rating to qualify. Rule 804.08 of the PDGA rules of play states, "...Female players may compete in male divisions if they choose...". The reasoning behind this is that if you are good enough to be playing for the U.S. Amateur title, you are good enough to play in the toughest Amateur division to qualify.
How did you pick the qualifiers that you did? An event by me draws more than a C tier in North Dakota, what's up?
We try our best to get the qualifying tournaments determined as early as possible, but sometimes the sanctioning or even the existence of a tournament won't be known in time. If you would like to submit a tournament for consideration next year, please email with the details.
I qualified, but I still might not get in?
There is a possibility that even if you qualify, you may not get into the tournament. The reason is we have X number of qualifying events but the USADGC field is limited to 148 players. Last year we invited close to 500 players and the event filled a month early. Invitations will be sent out in groups based on the dates and published results of the qualifying events. What this boils down to is the sooner you qualify the sooner you will receive your invite that will allow you to register for the United States Amateur Disc Golf Championship.
If someone has already qualified, do you take the next person in line?
In past years, the answer would have been yes. However, this policy has been changed to maintain the highest possible competitive standards. If Player A has previously qualified and finishes in a qualifying position at another event, that qualifying position will no longer be extended below the cutoff line.
I qualified at the (blank) tournament, when do I get my invitation?
You may have received some information at the qualifying event but our Tournament Director will e-mail your official invite after the results are posted and the PDGA has given us the qualified players’ e-mails. Please be sure the PDGA has your correct e-mail address. If you have not received your invite soon after you have qualified, please contact us.
Event Schedule (updated May 26)
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    Qualifying Events
  • See that info here.
    Qualified Players
  • Latest list of qualified players
    Registered Players
  • Latest list of registered players
    2016 Rules for qualification:
    There are two ways to qualify for the United States Amateur Disc Golf Championship PDGA Major event (subject to change):

    Top 15 percent at qualifying B-tiers, top 20 percent at qualifying A-tiers and ties for the Men's Am Advanced division only. Players that previously qualified in an event do not drop out if they qualify again. Their spot counts as a spoiler. To those who have already qualified for this event via one of the many approved qualifiers, you will be contacted by TD John Minicuci via the email address that YOU have provided to the PDGA when you registered your PDGA membership. Qualifying is only the first part to you being able to compete for the United States Amateur title. To be able to play, YOU MUST REGISTER (link soon). We anticipate this event to fill so registering as early as possible is key to your chances at being in the event. There are only 144 spots available.

    If you believe you have qualified yet have not been contacted, please make sure you have your correct email with the PDGA. You should then send the TD a message about where and when you think you may have qualified.

    Players who qualify based on their Player Rating and not through a qualifying tournament MUST contact the TD before they register. Eligible Rating guide is below:
  • Beginning March 5, 2016: PDGA rating is 960+
  • Beginning April 1: PDGA rating is 950+
  • Beginning May 1: PDGA rating is 935+
  • Note: Registration is based on availability of remaining spots.

    USADGC Hall of Champions

    Once you have earned the title of US Amateur National Champion, it can never be taken away. Your goal is to join this list of elite players:

    • 2002: Scott Burnett #20173, Ohio
    • 2003: Peter Middlecamp #19026, Minnesota
    • 2004: Scott Slater #20695, Michigan
    • 2005: Adam Olsen #26100, Iowa
    • 2006: Steve Mills #23516, California
    • 2007: Jake Newell #29989, Kansas
    • 2008: Daemon Stahlin #24185, Michigan
    • 2009: Blaine Kinkel #34968, South Carolina
    • 2010: David Wiggins Jr #24437, North Carolina
    • 2011: Benjamin Callaway #39015 Iowa
    • 2012: Ted Stoebling #36486, Michigan
    • 2013: Raymond Oberley Jr #49255, Minnesota
    • 2014: Colten Montgomery #35876, Colorado
    • 2015: Anthony Barela #44382, Arizona
    Mandatory Players Meeting
    Thursday June 2 2016, 7pm, Holden's Banquet facility: 2055 S Milford Rd, Milford Charter Township, MI 48381

  • Players meeting location
    Tournament Format
  • One round each day for 3 days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
  • Staggered start each round with first tee time at 7:30am
  • There will be no final nine
    Host Hotel
    Comfort Suites
    28049 Wixom Rd, Wixom MI 48393
  • distance to course: 8-10 minutes
  • includes: complimentary hot breakfast, HBO, Internet, indoor pool and fitness center.
  • Detroit Wayne County (Metro) - DTW, about 1 hour drive from course
  • Flint Bishop - FNT, about 45 minutes from course
  • Camping options and more info here.
  • Click here for driving directions to course or hotels.

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