The History of USADGC

The Toboggan Disc Golf Course was created for the Discraft PDGA Pro/Am World’s in 2000. The course is one of the amenities inside Kensington Metropark in Milford, Michigan. Course designer and Discraft owner Jim Kenner #292 created an epic experience that people still talk about today. In 2002, the United States Amateur Disc Golf Championships (USADGC) moved onto the Toboggan and the course became the events home course. Every year since, the Toboggan goes in specifically for the PDGA Amateur Major. Until 2018, the course was typically removed immediately following the USADGC. 

There have been some historical Professional events held on the Toboggan beginning with the 2000 World's mentioned above. The Discraft Great Lakes Open (DGLO) was a PDGA NT in 2013. The 2014 and 2015 PDGA Pro A Tier DGLO was played on the Toboggan although the course began to change with the removal of the invasive Autumn Olive. In 2018, the DGLO became part of the Disc Golf Pro Tour and in its 1st year back on the Toboggan, the Saturday round was highlighted by Paul McBeth's famous round of 45 (-18).


Once you have earned the title of US Amateur National Champion, it can never be taken away.

Your goal is to join this list of elite players:

  • 2021: Robert Burridge, #96512, Texas

  • 2019: Kyle Klein, #85132, Michigan

  • 2018: Clint Calvin, #84958, California

  • 2017: Brandon Oleskie, #84911, Michigan

  • 2016: Gavin Rathbun, #60436, Illinois

  • 2015: Anthony Barela #44382, Arizona

  • 2014: Colten Montgomery #35876, Colorado

  • 2013: Raymond Oberley Jr #49255, Minnesota

  • 2012: Ted Stoebling #36486, Michigan

  • 2011: Benjamin Callaway #39015 Iowa

  • 2010: David Wiggins Jr #24437, North Carolina

  • 2009: Blaine Kinkel #34968, South Carolina

  • 2008: Daemon Stahlin #24185, Michigan

  • 2007: Jake Newell #29989, Kansas

  • 2006: Steve Mills #23516, California

  • 2005: Adam Olsen #26100, Iowa

  • 2004: Scott Slater #20695, Michigan

  • 2003: Peter Middlecamp #19026, Minnesota

  • 2002: Scott Burnett #20173, Ohio

About The Staff

Todd White #13783 was the USADGC initial Tournament Director whose first champion was Scott Burnett #20173, from Ohio. Todd White ran the USADGC, aka AM Nats, from 2002 - 2008. 

Phil Shelton #15029 was the Tournament Director from 2009 - 2012.

For many years, Mark Ellis #7423 was the Tournament Emcee. In addition to being the event Emcee, Mark was also the Starter on Hole 1 each day and ran the Awards ceremony. Players still reminisce about the infamous Lizard Games following each days' round of competition. 

John Minicuci #22116 is the current Tournament Director beginning in 2013.

An entire staff encompassing many Michigan disc golf clubs make up the Michigan Disc Golf Organization (MDGO). The MDGO assists the events at the Toboggan making a great experience for all of the players and spectators. This staff includes:

Mark Stephens #30042, Assistant TD, Current Emcee and Master of Awards (Black Ace)

Chris Leo #40952, Assistant TD, Scoring, Official, Spotters (Motor City Chain Gang)

Jeff Schwass #6148, Scoring and Official (Mason County)

Rob Dahmen #49112, Statistician, Course Logistics (Small City Disc Golf)

Al Haaksma #5870, Course Manager (Grand Rapids Dogs)

Luke Balcer #7894, Course Manager (Grand Rapids Dogs)

Marc LaFleur #2895, Course Manager (Grand Rapids Dogs)

John Nacho Norkowski #36436, Course Director, Leader Board (Mt. Pleasant)

Adam Hillsamer #53360, Course Director, Spotters (Mason County)

Mat Stivers, 18th Green (Motor City Chain Gang)

Rob Stivers#42423 , 18th Green  (Motor City Chain Gang)

Dawn Lacey #17428, Spotters (The Lacey Inn)