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Qualification and Registration Information

This is an invitation only event based on player eligibility and qualification. Players who qualify for the event will receive an email invitation from the PDGA notifying you of your ability to register.


Below are the means of qualification:


Players must meet the following eligibility requirements as well as the tiered minimum PDGA ratings to qualify for this event. Players must have been a current PDGA member during 2023 and have had a rated round during 2023, and the player’s current rating must be made up of at least 6 rated rounds. Players meeting these qualifications as well as their current rating meeting the minimum rating threshold after the February, March, or April Ratings updates will receive invitations.

Invitation Schedule:

Invitation emails will be sent out after the February, March and April ratings updates once any corrections or TD updates have been finalized.  Players must meet the qualifications above as well as meet the rating thresholds shown below:

  • February Ratings Update: Players rated 970+

  • March Ratings Update: Players rated 950+

  • April Ratings Update: Players rated 940+


Being that the USADGC is a PDGA Major, all players must be Certified Rules Officials before they can register.  To be a Certified Rules Official you must pass the PDGA Certified Rules Official Exam.  More information can be found here:

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